Sunday School 8:30 AM
Sunday Service 10:00 AM
2nd & 4th Wednesday Prayer & Potluck 6:30 PM
Office Hours:
Mon., Wed.,  & Fri. 9-4
3255 Broomes Island Rd.
Port Republic, MD  20676

Whether you're just in town for a short while or looking for a permanent church home, come worship with us.

Church by the Chesapeake is a non-denominational fellowship that loves you.

Whatever your church background, you will find love and encouragement as we explore together what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Wednesdays, April 24th - May 29th office will close at 3:30 pm 

Don't miss our Men's Movie Night on April 29th. Click here to learn more.

Check out some of the items that will be available at our craft fair.​​

This week at CBTC
  1. 4/22
    6:30 pm Ladies' Bible Study
  2. 4/23
  3. 4/24
    6:30 pm Pastor's Home Group 6:30 pm Men's Bible Study at CBTC
  4. 4/25

  1. 4/26
    3:00 pm Food Drop 6:30 pm Youth Group
  2. 4/27
  3. 4/28
    8:30 am Adult Sunday School 10:00 am Sunday Service Hallelujah Christ is Risen!!
  4. 4/29
    6:00 pm Men's Movie Night- Meeting at Mod Pizza 7:00 pm Kingdom Men Rising in California, MD 6:30 pm Middle/High School Girls' Bible Study
8:30 AM Adult Sunday School class. Click here to learn more.
10:00 AM Worship service
Children are released to the nursery and children's classes through high school after the worship music.